In the session held in June 2006, the Trust laid down the Institute's management strategies, reinforcing its integrating nature in relation with the territorial policies of the Valencian Region.

1.- Supervision and analysis of European port policies, to allow the Valencian port industry to participate in such policies on the basis of suitable information and to make the most of opportunities and cooperation in this field.
2.- Improvement of port system effectiveness in the Valencian Region, boosting policies on transport and logistics, short-sea shipping development, and strengthening connections with other European and peripheral regions.
3.- Contribution to sustainability, security and quality in the port system by promoting the improvement of the port's environment, maritime security, contingency prevention, and service quality.
4.-Identification, collection and supply of comprehensive information on the Valencian Region port system, in order to facilitate the knowledge of the services on offer to the haulage and logistics industry.
5.- Enabling the territorial, social and economic integration of ports, facilitating coordination between administrations in large harbours as well as in fishing ports and marinas.
6.- Training of port employees, port community personnel and those of related transport and logistic sectors.

These strategic lines are to be used as a reference in the work undertaken by the Institute. They shall be put into practice by means of a number of specific projects.


Instituto Portuario de Estudios y Cooperacion de la Comunitat Valenciana - FEPORTS