One purpose of the Institute is to contribute to the continuous improvement of the training of professionals who work in the logistics-port area, encouraging the transfer of information and innovation to facilitate adaptation to changes occurring in the sector. For this, the Institute has focused on offering training to meet the needs of businesses and professionals, based on the latest standards and regulations, participation and intersectoral collaboration, knowledge transfer and professional excellence.

Services offered:

  • Specific training courses in the following subjects:
    Transport and Logistics: Customs processes in intermodal transport - Customs documentation and electronic management - Document management in maritime transport - Incoterms 2010 - Information Technology in intermodal transport – Operational maritime-rail intermodal transport – Container logistics – refrigerated containers - Short Sea Shipping and its management.
    Environmental Management: Design and implementation of environmental management systems in ports (ISO 14001, EMAS, PERS) - Internal environmental audits in the field of logistics and transport - Contingency plans for marine pollution - Energy efficiency - ISO 50001 – Waste management at port facilities.
    Security and Emergency: Management of risk and emergency transport chain and logistics areas - Implementation of protection plans in ports and logistics zones - Systems of security management for the supply chain - ISO 28001 - Security Officer of Port Facilities (OPIP) - ISPS Code * - Refresher course of OPIP*- Transport and handling of dangerous goods - Containerized security - Training of port facility personnel with specific security duties.*
  • Organization of training sessions and design of ad-hoc courses.
  • Design of training schemes and training programs.
  • Implementation of sectoral, national or international training standards.
  • Organization and launching of transnational cooperation projects in areas related to training in the field of logistics and transport, and in the maritime port sector in particular.

*Courses certified by the public body Puertos del Estado (Ports of the State)

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Instituto Portuario de Estudios y Cooperacion de la Comunitat Valenciana - FEPORTS